SUA at 54th. Session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

IMG 4232SUA Contributes to Global Drug Policy Development at the United Nations

March 28, 2011— The Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) United Nations NGO Main Representative in Vienna, Robert Aksan, participated at the 54th session of the CND in Vienna, Austria, from March 21–25, 2011.

The CND represents the global parliament for drug policy. Its annual session provides a forum for United Nations member states and invited observers from inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to discuss and debate the global drug situation along with the implementation of the United Nations’ drug control conventions.

SUA has contributed to several policy-related discussions with senior political and government decision makers where several critical issues were discussed, including: 

  • Improved engagement of NGOs in support of the work of CND; 
  • Access to ethical, humane and evidenced-based treatment;
  • Proportionate sentencing to drug crimes; and
  • Access to essential medicines.



“SUA and other NGOs provide a voice for civil society and, in particular, for those most affected by drugs” said Mr. Michel Perron, Chair of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) during an Interview with SUA and Suryoyo Sat. He continued, stating, “They are vital to ensuring and fostering solutions to creating global drug policies that better address local and regional needs


SUA was one of many NGOs that were present in Vienna. The SUA was the only NGO representing the interests of the Aramean people and to advocate for the recommendations created through VNGOC’sBeyond2008 initiative. This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive NGO engagement exercise to review global drug control policy and practice. 

“The CND’s annual session is an important event and we need to ensure that decisions taken there reflect the reality of what needs to be done for the Aramean youth while taking into consideration experience from around the globe,” said Robert Aksan, SUA NGO UNODC main representative. Robert further stated “The Syriac Aramean people need to look at the elephant in the room – many communities, including our own, have issues with drugs, gambling, crime and other social problems. We must bring these issues to the fore and have true dialogue within the community. We must improve the situation.” The SUA will continue to evaluate next steps to consider how the CND resolution requesting greater engagement of NGOs in drug policy and practice, along with other relevant resolutions, can be implemented for the benefit of the Aramean people.





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