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Name change: SUA to WCA

Dear visitor,

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that the Syriac Universal Alliance (“SUA”) has changed its name to the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) (“WCA”).

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Since the inception of the SUA in 1983, it has been the socio-political and cultural beacon of the Aramean (Syriac) people worldwide.

Thanks to the hard work of our predecessors, the WCA has now developed into a highly respected and internationally recognized organization, not least as a recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Like any organization, time heralds change, development and innovation for the greater good of the organization and the people whom it represents. Today, with a fresh generation of dedicated young men and women, we believe that time has come and that the rebranding of our name and logo are significant steps forward. Among others, they highlight our peoplehood and go beyond our linguistic, religious and cultural identity – more specifically, it stops reducing us to a “religious community.”

The Member Federations extensively discussed different options for a new name and logo. After a long period of exchanges, it was unanimously decided that the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) is the most fitting, professional and appealing name for our representative body.

It facilitates us in our mission to serve, promote and enhance the human rights, pertinent issues and the dignity of the Aramean (Syriac) people globally. Indeed, we firmly believe that the new name and logo will help us raise more effectively the neglected voice of the Aramean people in the media and in political platforms and arenas like the United Nations, Council of Europe and the European Union.

The term “Syriac” was kept to ensure the synonymous meaning of “Aramean” and remind the world of the indisputable and fundamental truth aptly summed up by today’s Syriac Orthodox Patriarch:

The Syriac language is the Aramaic language itself, and the Arameans are the Syrians themselves.
He who has made a distinction between them has erred.

The WCA Board and its Member Federations are confident that the new name will be taken on board by Arameans (Syriacs) and others with great ease. We assure that this will be one of many changes that the WCA shall work on to press the international recognition of the forgotten Aramean people, their endangered Aramaic cultural heritage, their neglected questions, and their survival.








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