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Internship at WCA

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WCA offers internship in Sweden and the Netherlands. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact WCA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A recent example of two Aramean interns from WCA's Office in the Netherlands are Sarah Bakir and Maria Kara.

Below is their story.

24 March 2010 

Where do your parents come from?

Both our parents originate from villages in Tur 'Abdin, in Southeast Turkey. Sarah’s parents are from Harabemiska and Kafro i ‘Elayto. Maria’s parents are from Harabemiska and Badibe.


Function at SUA
We are both employed as paralegals. In addition, Sarah is also Director of the WCA Youth Academy.


How did you end up with SUA?
We were both searching for an organisation for our internship. The both of us already were active in local Aramean associations, so the decision for an internship with SUA was quickly made. For this we contacted the president of the SUA, Mr. Johny Messo. Next thing we knew we were invited for a job interview. A couple of months later we were officially working for SUA as interns! 


What kind of issues have you been working on?
Currently we are doing research on the Saint Gabriel court cases and the land expropriation in Tur ‘Abdin. This has given us much insight in the legal affairs surrounding this neglected question. Our other tasks consist of similar research work and documenting our findings about the subject we have investigated.

Besides our research work we are also part of the WCA Youth Academy. This Academy aims, among others, to connect with the Aramean youth and make them aware of the importance of SUA’s mission and activities. In fact, young men and women are being educated, nurtured and prepared as the next generation of leaders for the Aramean people.


What are your plans for the future?
Sarah: I don’t have a specific plan for the future, but they do include SUA. I can definitely see myself working at an international organisation dealing with human rights issues, in particular issues that concern my own people. For the rest, I will see what will come on my path.

Maria: I too am not entirely certain yet about my future plans, God knows where I will be in five years… But because of this internship my interest in international law has increased a lot.   

The only thing we are 100% sure about is that the both of us will definitely continue to help and support our people in any possible way.


Where do you think SUA will be in 15 years?
We have been working with SUA for six months, yet we clearly notice that SUA has made al lot of progress. We have good reason to believe that this NGO will grow into a powerful and professional organisation. We hope that, within 15 years from now, SUA will acquire a general status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and will have still more employees and interns working for this great NGO.

Sarah Bakir / Currently studying : Bachelor in Dutch Law
Maria Kara / Currently studying: Bachelor in Dutch Law



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