Christmas gift to Qamishli

On 28 December 2015, the WCA and its Member Federations, distributed food packages to 400 Aramean families in Qamishli, northeast Syria; see here for a similar Easter Gift. The WCA's local branch, the Syriac Aramaic Association of Qamishli, coordinated everything. What was meant to be a happy and joyful event, was destroyed the next day when 13 Christians (9 Arameans, 4 Armenians) were killed in the same city by unidentified terrorists.

Click here for a video report in Modern Aramaic. 


DSC 0003

Food packages have been prepared and distributed by the Syriac Aramaic Association of Qamishli.


DSC 0013

The humanitarian aid gift was a project of the WCA, its Member Federations and sister organizations. 




Members of the coordination team hand out the food packages and register their number.



The first families arrive to pick up their food package.


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