Genocide - Appeal to German Government

Below is a joint declaration that calls upon the German Government to assume its responsibility concerning the Ottoman Genocide against the Aramean, Greek and Armenian populations during World War I. Signed by a number of organizations, the text was drafted on 7 March 2015 in Gütersloh, Germany, at The Third Aramean Congress titled "SAYFO 1915-2015 and the Aramean Identity" that was organized by the World Council of Arameans (Syriacs) and the Federation of Arameans in Germany. Afterwards, a live program was held on Suryoyo Sat, the Aramaic-speaking satellite channel. 

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Urgent Appeal to the Federal German Government:

Recognition of the Aramean Genocide after 100 Years!


Do not leave the restoration of the victims’ dignity up to a regime, which is not ready to assume responsibility.

The overwhelming amount of facts, expressed in numerous scientific researches, studies and projects, speak a very clear language: The genocide against the Arameans, Armenians and Greeks is a historical fact.

We, the undersigned Aramean organizations, call upon the Federal German Government to finally officially acknowledge the genocide against the Christian minorities of the Arameans, Armenians and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923, and thus finally end the century-long distortion and denial of a historical fact. Your silence and non-recognition of the genocide are strengthening the Turkish State in its irresponsible dealing with its history, and are also insulting the victims and their descendants.

  • Open your eyes for the historical facts; open your heart for the suffering of the victims and their descendants; open your conscience to the violated dignity of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
  • By not recognizing the historical facts, by using relative terms and euphemisms, you are strengthening the Turkish State in its unyielding position towards the descendants of the victims, who until today are suffering from state-organized accusations, marginalization and persecution.
  • Be an active partner of the victims in the reconciliation process between the descendants of the victims and the perpetrators, and no “accomplice” in a system that prefers state persecution over sincere state responsibility.
  • Today, 100 years later, the Turkish authorities are still unyieldingly persecuting the descendants of the victims in Turkey and all over the world, whenever they break the silence that has been prescribed by the state. Align yourselves with these victims and leave the alliance consisting of deniers, liars and hypocrites who are withholding the victims the right to adequately esteem their suffering.
  • Now, 100 years later, the time has come for the Federal Republic of Germany to demonstrate responsibility and solidarity, and to join the countries that do not shrink from reminding Turkey of its responsibility towards the victims and their descendants.
  • Help a State, which since a century suppresses its responsibility, to finally assume responsibility and act responsibly.
  • Today, 100 years after a state-organized murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, you are called upon to help the victims to regain their dignity!

Gütersloh, Germany
10 March 2015 
The signatories

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• WCA – World Council of Arameans [Syriacs]
• BVDAD – Bundesverband der Aramäer in Deutschland
• Föderation der Aramäer in der Schweiz/Federazione degli Aramei in Svizzera
• Suryoye Aramese Federatie Nederland
• Fédération des Araméens de Belgique
• Aramaic Christian Organization in Israel
• Syriac Federation of Sweden
• Syriac Association of Australia
• Aramaic American Association
• Aramean Association of the United Kingdom
• Syriac Association of Vienna/Austria
• Youth Federation of Arameans in Sweden
• Kreis Aramäischer Studierender Heidelberg
• Nisibin – Stiftung für Aramäische Studien
• Suryoyo Sat International
• Suryoyo Sat Germany
• Suryoyo Sat Sweden
• Suryoyo Sat Holland
• Suryoyo Sat Belgium
• Suryoyo Sat Switzerland
• Lebnon Network
• Sayfo Comité 1915
• Aramaic Charity Organization
• Aramese Beweging voor Mensenrechten
• Aramean Democratic Organization in Sweden


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