Oral Statement: Human Rights Council 21st Session - Agenda item 4 (17 September 2012)

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Human Rights Council 21st Session - Agenda item 4
Submitted by Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA)1
Oral Statement – 17 September 2012

Syria is at a critical impass. While the so called “Arab-Awakening” has called for increased democracy and freedom across the Middle East, countries like Syria are now experiencing the complete opposite. We are seeing calls for the shedding of more blood and we have seen the demise of society, the fear of all, a horrific future for minorities and an imminent sectarian war.

The Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) is working closely with Aramean Christians in Syria. They account for 10% of the Syrian population. These Christians fear for their lives. Different sides of the battle demand sides be chosen and the Aramean Christians in Syria have few choices –

(1) support the rebel fighters;
(2) join the Syrian army; or
(3) leave the country.

Staying in Syria in peace and waiting for issues to resolve themselves is no longer an option for the great majority of the Aramean population.

Those Aramean Christians impacted by the Syria crisis use to remain in their homes fearing life outdoors. This is the case in the Jezireh, Damascus and Aleppo areas. Times are now changing because they are leaving those areas as well. Reportedly 90% of the Christian population have escaped from war torn Homs region and now the SUA is documenting the horrific stories of so many internally displaced persons and refugees in Greece, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

While world powers fight the war outside of Syria, they neglect the Syrian population on the ground. As more and more weapons flood the country, the call for peace and dialogue have seemingly dissipated.

Yet the indigenous Aramean (Syriac) people of Syria plea with the international community to continue real dialogue. We should not call on unreasonable pre-conditions for discussions but we must all focus on what is the most critically important matter on the ground – this is the protection of the people.
Those people that need the most assistance are the minorities. We have seen Christians in Egypt and Iraq be decimated and we will soon see ourselves in a similar situation if we don’t act now.

The SUA therefore calls upon the United Nations Security Council, UN Syria Envoy, Mr Ibrahimi, and all international governments for the following:

  1. Real dialogue and the international governments to halt the provision of weapons into Syria, leading to a roadmap to peace;
  2. Any future Resolutions from the United Nations to prioritise the criticality of protecting all minorities in Syria, in particular the Aramean (Syriac) Christians. The SUA calls on its Aramean (Syriac) people to remain in Syria, the indigenous homelands. But we ask the international community to ensure that happens by protecting the minorities in Syria from death, kidnappings, daily threats, hunger and despair;
  3. Humanitarian aid must be provided to all vulnerable groups. As a significant minority group, the Arameans in particular are in desperate need of immediate assistance. There is evidence that they lack medicine, food and protection from armed gangs and that Aramean refugees outside Syria need urgent support from governments, especially in the EU; and
  4. Future elections to be held and a new constitution to be drafted for a federal Syrian State which takes into consideration the protection of all minorities into their historical and indigenous homelands. Given the evidence of Iraq, where 1.4 million Aramean Christians have dwindled down to 400,000, we ask international governments and the Syrian Government to agree a future Federal based government with protective States based upon historical links to the land.

The comprehensive SUA Syria Report will extensively elaborate on these four (4) feasible proposals to all parties involved in order to restore peace, stability and order for Syria and its suffering people.



1.The SUA has changed its name into “World Council of Arameans (Syriacs)” and will soon submit a request to the ECOSOC for an update of the UN Database.





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