3rd SUA Youth Academy; Kenoro Camp Sweden (14-16 October 2011)

DSC 0035You might all have heard of the great successes of the previous study sessions of the SUA Youth Academy: the first one at SuryoyoSat Germany and the international study session held with the support of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.  

Get ready for the 3rd SUA Youth Academy study session!

In cooperation with SAUF – the Syriac Aramean Youth Federation and SAAF – the Syriac Aramean Academic Federation, the SUA Youth Academy will organise this study session to give you yet another great possibility to develop your leadership skills and knowledge of your Aramean identity from 14 until 16 October at the Kenoro Camp in Sweden.DSC 0798

This event will give 30 young Arameans from Sweden a rare opportunity to be trained by experienced facilitators and prominent leaders from Sweden in Aramean Leadership and Identity.

Each topic is spread over one (1) day. With the guidance of the facilitators, you will learn more about Leadership and Identity in various forms. You will be given ample time and opportunity for questions and interaction.

The SUA Youth Academy

The SUA Youth Academy is the arm of the SUA responsible for educating and connecting with the Aramean youth. Its objective is to inform the Aramean youth of the relevance of SUA’s mission and activities. The ultimate goal is to find talented young leaders with the intention of training and guiding them as the next generation of leaders in the local, national and international organizations of the Aramean people worldwide.

Importance of the study session

Our people are a distinct ethnic and religious group, yet we are still not recognized in the homelands. Instead, we have constantly been persecuted, discriminated and driven away from our ancestral lands. These and related factors have affected the Aramean national self-confidence and ability to deal with an uncertain future. SUA has taken command of re-establishing our national pride and fighting for the protection and development of the Aramean people, both in our homeland and the Diaspora.

In the Diaspora, our youth have been fortunate to experience basic human rights such as equality, freedom of expression, democracy and minority rights which were unthinkable in our homeland. Given that SUA is responsible for globally leading our people, we are obliged to educate and direct our youth in order to translate these values into a direct improvement of the homeland situation. All this can be achieved while optimizing our position in the Diaspora.

DSC 0177SUA must prepare today’s young Arameans for tomorrow’s leadership roles and guarantee new and qualified successors. The SUA Youth Academy will provide our youth with the requisite knowledge and prepare them for major challenges to successfully handle and organize the Aramean Diaspora, and lead an ancient stateless people towards a better and certain future.

We trust that we have provided you with enough information to participate in the 3rd Study Session: Aramean Young Leadership and Identity.




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